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  1. WattVision is great and should be put in every house in order to conserve energy and also save money!!

  2. Author

    I agree that all homes should have some sort of energy monitoring. The utility companies are rolling out smart meters in Southwest Florida, but that’s not enough. Homeowners and business owners need to understand what individual appliances, fixtures, and devices are costing them money. So many things are out-of-sight and out-of-mind. Case in point are the pool pumps and Air Conditioners around Southwest Florida. These are crazy energy hogs, and there are energy efficient alternative readily available! I learned that my water heater is bleeding my bank account dry, and I’m not willing to sacrifice the luxury of hot water whenever I want it and in whatever quantity. There are alternatives for that, too!

    Wattvision is the accounting system needed to manage your energy budget.

    1. Author

      Great analogy. Maybe someone has used the API to make a cool speedometer readout for current energy use. An odometer for energy used today would be awesome, too! I need to work on that.

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