Note: The information contained in this periodical weblog may be outdated. This was my personal weblog published before January 1, 2015. Since then I have been the co-owner and Principal Solar Designer at Florida Solar Design Group.

Solar Pool Heater Plumbing Presents Challenges

Solar pool heaters are usually installed as an afterthought, which means we often need to get creative with plumbing. Obstructions created by windows, doors, gutters, electrical equipment, and sometimes the pool equipment itself can present quite a challenge.

I’m always impressed with how our guys can visualize a plumbing run, select the best route, and execute it with a combination of fittings.


It’s funny that after years working with my employer, I can often identify the installer based on how they built a valve manifold or ran plumbing around a gutter. In this picture I have to admit that I have no idea who did it. It’s just perfect – and any one of our guys could have done it. It follows existing lines and could easily be painted to match the house color. It looks purposeful.

We often end up cutting out a bunch of plumbing at the equipment pad, even if it’s not specifically included in the contract. Cleaning up existing plumbing is just part of a professional solar pool heater installation, and I’m proud to say we have the most professional group of installers out there. Whoever did this, great job! 😉

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