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  1. Please help.
    I am trying to program the Suntouch controller.

    I need 15 minutes of someone’s time that has a good understanding of the SunTouch control system.
    I know there is way to get the control set up to work for our specific needs, I just need a few questions answered.
    Any help and suggestions you can provide me are greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.
    Scott Mateo Gurule’

  2. I have been endlessly looking for someone to install the pentair suntouch control system and no one seems to know how to do it. Any chance you have any recommendations for anyone in Los Angeles?? Thank you!!

  3. I’ll give that a try now! Thank you so much

  4. Hello — My Suntouch controller is installed but I need to program my Intelliflo pump to vacuum at a higher speed and then simply filter at a lower speed. Can you help me?

    1. Anthony,

      It depends on how your system is set up. Single body of water or pool/spa? The best way to know: do you have Low and High speeds set, or Pool and Spa speeds?

      If it’s a single body of water and you have Low and High, the best way is to go into Pump Menu (12/14) and set up a circuit for High and adjust the speed as necessary. I’m assuming you don’t already have a scheduled run time for High. When you want to use your vacuum, just press the up arrow, and it will change to the high speed you set under the pump menu. Press the up arrow again to get out of High speed and return to the regular schedule, or it will remain at high speed until the circuit timeout number of hours, which is set in the Advanced menu (8/14).

      If you have a pool/spa combo or another advanced configuration, it may be more involved.

      Based on your IP address, I think you are in California. Pentair’s customer support number there is 800-831-7133. They are quite helpful by phone.

  5. I have bought a villa in sw Florida which has a suntouch system installed it has a heat pump and solar I don’t think the solar is working as the suntouch says solar sensor error is there a company in s w florida who could come out and set up the suntouch box and check out the solar problem

  6. I have a Suntouch set up for a single body of water in Solar Only mode. The water temp vary’s 10-15 degrees. I changed sensors, I changed the mother board and it still does it. I also took out the sensor and replaced it…still does it. What is happening??
    Thank You in advance.
    Bill Snow

  7. Hi Bill – I just noticed your comment. Sorry for the delay.

    Can you elaborate on what you mean by the temp varying 10-15 degrees? Over what period of time are you observing this issue? Can you describe how your sensor is installed and where in your plumbing? Typically it is installed between the pump and filter with a hole drilled in the PVC and a stainless steel hose clamp to secure it.

  8. For some unknown reason my suntouch box goes into spa mode every morning instead of pool mode can you help

  9. John,

    It sounds like you may have inadvertently added a scheduled run time for your spa. If there are schedules for both pool and spa, the spa mode will override pool mode.

    Pentair tech support can walk you through identifying and deleting an errant schedule by phone.

  10. Jason,

    I hava a pool with a SunTouch controller. The main purpose of the controller is to control the heat pump, and to automate a 3-way valve so that the heated water is returned to a bottom return line (in the deep end) when the heater is running.

    System hasn’t worked correctly to date.

    Any advice?


    1. Can you elaborate on what you mean by the system not working correctly? It should be pretty straightforward to turn a valve when the heater is operating.

  11. Will suntouch work in auto mode without solar sensor connected?

    1. Yes all the scheduling functions will work and everything else will work except solar of course will not turn on and off.

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