Air bubbles in pools can come from several sources. One of the first things to check is whether there is air inside the filter basket of you pool pump. If so, the leak is coming from the suction side of your pool plumbing. There may be an air leak at a joint in the plumbing itself, or the air may be coming from another source like a pool vacuum hose. One of the most common air intrusion sources on the suction side of pool plumbing is very simple to diagnose and resolve. Your pool may simply be low on water! When the water level ofRead More →

Solar pool heaters are usually installed as an afterthought, which means we often need to get creative with plumbing. Obstructions created by windows, doors, gutters, electrical equipment, and sometimes the pool equipment itself can present quite a challenge. I’m always impressed with how our guys can visualize a plumbing run, select the best route, and execute it with a combination of fittings. It’s funny that after years working with my employer, I can often identify the installer based on how they built a valve manifold or ran plumbing around a gutter. In this picture I have to admit that I have no idea who didRead More →