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More on Google Sketchup for Solar

In my last post I wrote about the magic of Google Sketchup for use in the solar industry. One of the great ways to use this tool is to take architectural or construction drawings and convert them to three dimensions. This provides very accurate models of roofs that can be used to size solar panel arrays. The model below is a model home from Tundra Homes in Cape Coral, Florida. They want to offer solar panels to their customers as an option. We can show proposed placement of panels on the roof and determine how much solar pool heating will fit.

Hint: You can use your mouse to see the model in 3D!

See the model in the Google 3D Warehouse here.

As you can see, the rear of the home will accommodate up to six 4’x10′ solar pool heating panels, and the left side will accommodate five panels of the same size. Once the proposed placement lot is determined, we can figure out the actual orientation of the home relative to south and determine the best option for solar pool heating.

Solar as an option for new home construction is becoming more popular. As builders try to differentiate themselves in this difficult market, solar can add luxury and operational cost savings for a prospective homeowner. That sells!

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