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How Much Does a Solar Water Heater Weigh?

The answer is – it doesn’t really matter – if you are using a Fafco Revolution 500 series Domestic Solar Water Heating System. These featherweight panels are just 8 pounds each empty, and 22 pounds filled. The additional dead load imposed on your roof is totally inconsequential.

Fafco Revolution 500 Solar Water Heating System
Fafco Revolution 500 Solar Water Heating System

A traditional 40 square foot glass/copper solar collector system weighs over 180 pounds when filled!

The pictured collector system is a 96 square foot Fafco Revolution system with four 2’x12′ solar panels, a photovoltaic panel for circulation, and an expansion tank. This low profile system is mounted on the roof and UV rated cross-linked polyethylene tubing (similar to PEX) is run to an integrated circulation module located next to your hot water tank. The system is simple – and simply amazing!


  1. Where can I buy the Fafco Revolution 500 Solar Water Heating System?
    Phoenix, AZ

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      I’m sorry, but I don’t work for the manufacturer. I work for a dealer in Florida. You will need to call the corporate office at (800) 994-7652 if you are unable to locate a dealer using the dealer locator at:

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