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  1. Hello,
    I am an enphase customer. On January 2013 Astrum Solar energized my new 142 panel system. I have been using MyEnlighten on both my computer and android to monitor the system since that time. However my screen looks nothing like what you show above or on the video demo. How do I acquire this latest monitoring system?

    Thank you


  2. Author


    You may be using Enlighten Manager, which is a more detailed view normally reserved for installers. It used to be the only view until the MyEnlighten view was introduced. Now MyEnlighten is the default for system owners, and I think new system owners have to pay for the Enlighten Manager view. If you are, indeed, using Enlighten Manager, using a computer and browser, look for a green button near the top right of the screen that says MyEnlighten View. That’s how you get to the screen I showed.

    MyEnlighten View

    If you need more help in getting this view on your mobile device, call Enphase. Their customer support is world-class.

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