Note: The information contained in this periodical weblog may be outdated. This was my personal weblog published before January 1, 2015. Since then I have been the co-owner and Principal Solar Designer at Florida Solar Design Group.

Do FAFCO Solar Pool Heating Panels Rot the Roof and Cause Mold?

This is a myth that a competitor has spread, and actively uses in their sales presentation. They say that the full body design of FAFCO solar panels and other full body panels like the iSwim brand doesn’t allow the roof to breathe, which in turn causes mold and mildew and rots the roof. They claim that their panels allow the roof to breathe and stay dry. What they forget to mention is that a separated loose tube design allows air flow between tubes, reducing efficiency!

We are routinely asked to remove solar panels when roof work is required or when a homeowner decides to replace their roof. This is a simple service item with an established and reasonable price. Time and time again we see that the roof under removed panels is in pristine condition, having been protected from damaging UV radiation.

Clean Shingle Roof Beneath Solar Panels
Clean Roof from Solar Panels
Clean Tile Roof Beneath Solar Panels
Clean Roof from Solar Panels
Tile roofs get dirty, but solar panels protect the roof.
Area under removed panels is clean.

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