Solar pool heaters are usually installed as an afterthought, which means we often need to get creative with plumbing. Obstructions created by windows, doors, gutters, electrical equipment, and sometimes the pool equipment itself can present quite a challenge. I’m always impressed with how our guys can visualize a plumbing run, select the best route, and execute it with a combination of fittings. It’s funny that after years working with my employer, I can often identify the installer based on how they built a valve manifold or ran plumbing around a gutter. In this picture I have to admit that I have no idea who didRead More →

I don’t need to say much about the graphic below. The total amount of solar electricity capacity installed in the U.S. is nearly doubling each year. This is truly an exciting time to be involved in the solar industry! Considering that Germany with a much lower solar resource availability has over FIVE TIMES the installed solar electric capacity of the U.S. and over TWENTY TIMES per capita, there is a lot of room to grow still!  

This Washington Post article reports that the White House is installing solar panels this week. That’s a great move, and a great statement. I wonder if the Obama’s are eligible for the 30% Federal Tax Credit on the purchase. I did notice one interesting point in the statement made by the unnamed White House official. They said that the  solar panels are being installed as part of an overall retrofit to make the building more efficient. I’m one of those annoying people that insists on always being accurate and correcting people that make minor factual, grammatical, and technical misstatements.1 The point I want to makeRead More →