This is a myth that a competitor has spread, and actively uses in their sales presentation. They say that the full body design of FAFCO solar panels and other full body panels like the iSwim brand doesn’t allow the roof to breathe, which in turn causes mold and mildew and rots the roof. They claim that their panels allow the roof to breathe and stay dry. What they forget to mention is that a separated loose tube design allows air flow between tubes, reducing efficiency! We are routinely asked to remove solar panels when roof work is required or when a homeowner decides to replaceRead More →

I’m not going to lie – I caught myself saying to myself, “my solar electric system is not saving me as much as I expected.” That doesn’t sound good for a solar guy to be saying that! When I installed my solar electric system last December, I was looking forward to having nearly net-zero house (which will be possible after I replace my aging air conditioner). My net-zero aspirations have not come to fruition, so I started searching for answers why. The first step was to look at my system energy production using the monitoring system. Sure enough, everything pointed toward a well-operating system. I was,Read More →

Air bubbles in pools can come from several sources. One of the first things to check is whether there is air inside the filter basket of you pool pump. If so, the leak is coming from the suction side of your pool plumbing. There may be an air leak at a joint in the plumbing itself, or the air may be coming from another source like a pool vacuum hose. One of the most common air intrusion sources on the suction side of pool plumbing is very simple to diagnose and resolve. Your pool may simply be low on water! When the water level ofRead More →