Solar pool pumps are an option for Southwest Florida pool owners that want to cut a large part of their electric bill. However, there are limitations, and in some instances they are not recommended. A solar pool pump system consists of a pump, solar panels, electrical safety and disconnecting means, and in some cases a controller. An optional AC/DC power supply can be installed to ensure water pumping during cloudy weather or at night to run water features. Battery storage systems are possible, but extremely expensive. Since the average traditional residential AC pool pump can cost upwards of $60 per month to operate, solar poolRead More →

There is a common misconception that solar pool heating increases the energy needed to operate a pump. That is NOT true! It’s true that solar pool heating systems will increase the back pressure on your pump. On a single speed pump, that means your flow rate will be reduced. However, it also means that your energy consumption will be reduced. Without having a degree in fluid dynamics, you make be wondering how a pump can use less energy if the pressure is increased! The short answer is that the pump is doing LESS work – it’s moving less water. This is a simplistic explanation ofRead More →