Solar water heating systems can make water in your tank scalding hot. Depending on the type of system you have, there may not be any temperature regulation inherent in the system. Unregulated solar heating can cause a dangerous situation where the water at your faucets is unacceptably high and dangerous, particularly to children and the elderly. I came across an excellent description of how a Thermostatic Mechanical Mixing Valve works on the Watts website. Watts is a leader in the manufacture of brass valves. Source: When a differential temperature controller is used in a solar water heating system, the circulation pump should shut offRead More →

This Fort Myers solar water heating system is installed high on the roof surface to minimize shading impacts from surrounding trees to the south. It’s part of an AET model AE-40 “Dream Package” with an 80 gallon storage tank below in the garage. It includes a DC circulation pump with a PV panel so no utility electricity is required. Think – hot water during power outages!

The year 2012 should be a great year for solar energy. The Federal tax credit is still in place until 2016, the FPL rebate program will have another round of funding in the spring, and prices on solar electric systems have never been lower! I suspect that 2012 will be a year where solar photovoltaics will thrive. Module prices are so low that the module now accounts for only 25% of a typical installed system. The precipitous drop in prices has already led to thousands of Florida homeowners making the plunge into solar. For anyone that was on the fence a year ago, there isRead More →