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Solar Tubular Skylight in Cape Coral

Solar Tubular Skylight in a Kitchen in Cape Coral
Solar Skylight in Cape Coral

I could post a spectacular solar tubular skylight job just about every day on Rather than inundate you, I decided only to pick out a select few. I thought this kitchen lit up by an 13 inch skylight looks amazing!

This light really makes the marble countertop stand out and provides tremendous light at the sink and range for daytime kitchen work.

The kitchen has no windows, so a tubular skylight was a great way to bring natural and pleasing light into this previously dark space. The higher ceiling allows for the use of a larger light without making the space overly bright. Smaller spaces can use a 10 inch reflector while larger spaces can use an 18 or 21 inch reflector!


  1. want to get 2 tubular sky lights installed

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