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Solar Pool Heat for Condos

Posted by On January 16, 2012

I am seeing more interest recently from Southwest Florida Condominiums that want to install solar pool heating systems. The cost of operating electric heat pumps or gas heaters for condo pools is astronomical, especially this time of year. Condo boards are realizing that a large expense contributing to quarterly condo fees is the heating of their pool.

Solar Pool Heat at a Condominium Pool

Artistic Rendering of a Bonita Springs Condominium. Condominiums are Perfect Cadidates for Solar Pool Heating.

In addition, typical Southwest Florida condos are busier this time of year as seasonal residents and renters are occupying a large percentage of condo units and warm pools are in high demand. During cold snaps, electric heat pumps are unable to keep pools at the desired temperature, and gas heat pumps consume huge amounts of fuel to maintain the set temperature.

While there is an upfront cost with solar pool heating systems, it is typically no more than the cost of electric heat pumps. If the condominium is in a position to purchase solar pool heating, it can dramatically reduce pool operating costs, and those savings can be returned to the residents through lower dues. While auxiliary heat pumps or gas heaters are typically required to maintain the desired temperature for swimming 365 days a year, the cost of operating them and their longevity is greatly increased.

While it is a bit harder to convince a whole condo board or the majority of condo residents to go solar, when the prospects of great savings are presented without sacrificing any luxury, the choice to pursue a solar pool heating system is typically made. Typical mounting locations are the pool equipment building, a ground rack system, or the closest condo building with an appropriately oriented roof.

Since condo pools are generally larger than a typical residential pool, a substantial amount of roof space is often required. Remotely located panels often require a little trenching to get plumbing lines from the pump location to the system. In most cases, the existing pump equipment is adequate for solar pool heating, but in some cases a booster pump is necessary. An automatic solar pool heating controller is essentially a required upgrade because of the way that commercial pools need to circulate water 24 hours a day. Manually operated pool solar systems are not advisable for condominiums.

Whether your condo association is looking for a complete heating system or just to cut down outrageous heating bills, solar pool heating is a great option for condo community pools.

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