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Solar Panels Need Cleaning in the Dry Season

Bird Droppings on PV Module
PV Module Soiling is Prevalent in Florida Winters
Your Southwest Florida photovoltaic (PV) system may be getting very dirty, reducing system output this time of year. The lack of rain lets dust, pollen, and bird droppings collect on the module surface. It’s a good idea to keep your modules clean to maximize system output.

Cleaning your modules is usually as simple as using a regular garden hose to spray them off. If additional soiling is present, a mild detergent may be used with a soft cloth or soft boat brush. Take great care and always follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions for your particular solar electric panel. If you need the instruction manual for your panel, ask your solar professional or search for the datasheet for your particular module model number.

Your solar professional can also be hired to wash your modules or recommend a service with whom they have worked. Never use a pressure washer, or abrasive or corrosive chemicals. Avoid spraying water directly on junction boxes or other electrical enclosures.

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