“Don’t call it the incinerator.” That’s what I learned when I toured the Lee County Material Recovery Facility today. Calling it an incinerator is like calling a car a “horse and buggy.” The facility produces energy in a renewable and sustainable way at the Buckingham, FL facility and sells the power to Seminole Electric Cooperative. Taking household waste that would otherwise end up in a landfill, the facility turns the refuse into electricity. It’s a part of recycling and trash disposal that is rarely considered by the public. Also known as waste-to-energy, material recovery facilities are slowly replacing landfills as the economics make the technologyRead More →

For owners of solar electric systems with Enphase microinverters, the company has just updated its Enlighten system monitoring portal. The new design is great. The site uses intuitive tabs. All of the same great charts and reports are available. You can now upload photos of your system to the site to show in a gallery. There is also a handy download button to download charts as an image file or PDF like shown below. The site leads you into time-lapse views of your energy production over time more intuitively. Now I’m waiting for the ability to download a video of the time-lapse views. These wouldRead More →