It is with great excitement that I announce that I am now an independent solar consultant and started the Florida Solar Design Group with my partner, Dominick Zito. Effective January 1, 2015 we are open for business. We will still be representing our former employer, Fafco Solar. We are very thankful for our time at Fafco Solar, and will still work very closely with them, offering the same products through Florida Solar Design Group. Sadly, this will probably be the last post to this blog, for which I have enjoyed writing hundreds of posts. I will continue monitoring and responding to comments. On a good note, I willRead More →

I’m not going to lie – I caught myself saying to myself, “my solar electric system is not saving me as much as I expected.” That doesn’t sound good for a solar guy to be saying that! When I installed my solar electric system last December, I was looking forward to having nearly net-zero house (which will be possible after I replace my aging air conditioner). My net-zero aspirations have not come to fruition, so I started searching for answers why. The first step was to look at my system energy production using the monitoring system. Sure enough, everything pointed toward a well-operating system. I was,Read More →

Florida’s most recently licensed certified solar contractor is, you guessed it, me! I passed the required tests long ago, but just recently decided it was time to go forward with securing my own CVC license. I was assigned licence number CVC56956. This brings the number of certified solar contractors at Fafco Solar to three, which happens to be triple the number of solar contractors at any of our competitors. While I have chosen to keep my license in an inactive status (there’s no reason to purchase separate insurance), I thought making things official was an important message to send – we have an incredible amountRead More →